MULTICLET Corp. on Russia Today TV Channel

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MULTICLET Corp. took part in shooting of Technology Update TV Show on Russia Today.
CEO of MULTICLET Corp., Dr. Boris Zyryanov shared short-term plans of the company with journalist during the interview. He announced the upcoming production of the second P-series (Performance) chip based on MULTICLET Р2 crystal in June-July 2013. Furthermore, he informed media about the issue of a new L series microprocessor MULTICLET L1. Processor MULTICLET L1 will possess a liveness property by means of which it can perform its functions even when one, two or more cells get out of order. Nowadays only MULTICLET L1  liveness processor can posses such attribute called as “system fault tolerance” by MULTICLET engineers. Mr. Zyryanov explained that by reason of the stated characteristics, developments of MULTICLET Corp. are oriented at the application in space onboard equipment. 
Shooting of the interview took place at the exhibition “New Electronics - 2013” in Moscow, where MULTICLET Corp. presented its products.
Another participant within Technology Update TV show was SPUTNIX, an innovative center for development, manufacture and ground testing of prospective elements and systems for small space vehicles and a partner of MULTICLET Corp.

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Source: Russia Today