MCp042R100102 LQ 256

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MultiClet R1Microprocessor MCp042R100102 is designed on the basis of  multicellular architecture and includes multicellular processor core.

Microprocessor MCp042R100102 is applicable for general industrial purposes and as an auxiliary in SiP chip assemblies for space on-board equipment requiring advanced peripheries.

Available in LQFP-256 plastic package:
MCp042R100102-LQ 256 I, temperature range -40°С... + 125°С
MCp042R100102-LQ 256 M, temperature range -60°С... + 125°С

General advantages:

  • Dynamic Reconfiguration (R series – Reconfiguration);
  • High Performance and simultaneous reduction of power consumption;
  • DTC - the modifed unit for operation with memory;
  • Developed system of interruption;
  • Extended features of debugging on JTAG.

Basic technical characteristics: 

Схема R1 (ENG)

Parameters MCp042R100102 LQ256
Core MCp042R1
Amount of cells 4
Architecture multicellular
Package type LQFP-256 28х28 mm
Technical process 0,18 μm
Word length 32/64 bit
Clock frequency 100 MHz
PLL (input frequency
8-16 MHz)
Performance 2,4 GFLOPS
Data memory 256 Kb
Program memory 256 Kb
Voltage core - 1,8 V
periphery - 3,3 V
Maximum power consumption (at FFT) 1.05 W 
The energy consumption on a mixture at 75%DMAC+25%ADD 
(Typical Sine Wave Data Switching)
0.63 W
Floating point   (double precision IEEE – 754 FPU) +
DAC 100msps
12 bits 
ADC 2x4 channels:
16 bits